Campus Spotlight: Ivy Sole

Photo Credit: Ayasha Guerin


Taylor McLendon, known by her stage name Ivy Sole, is not only a full-time student in the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  She also serves on the boards of both Penn’s NAACP chapter the Society of Pre-Law Students of Color, while still finding time to be an active member of the spoken word collective The Excelano Project and the dance troupe African-Rhythms, Ivy is also full-time musician.

On July 28th , Ivy dropped her first full-length mixtape, dubbed Exquisite Corpse. And on October 13th, she will be visiting ATL to perform at the A3C Festival.

I asked Ivy why she loves being an emerging hip hop artist. She said, “Because art is the best way to articulate your self.”

I couldn’t have said it better Taylor. Clap it up!

–Victoria Ford

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