DIY: Wall Stencils

One great way to add some pop in your home is to create an accent wall.  Wall stencils are a hot new trend in home decorating for DIYers.  And let me just say I am in lovveeeee with them!  They are truly the greatest thing since sliced bread because whenever you get ready for a new look, you can just paint over it!  Not to mention, they are way cheaper than wallpaper.   Let me warn you though, this is a super time consuming project but the outcome is well worth it!

Check out some of these fabulous wall stencils


(Photo Credit:,, and RoyalDesign



-4″ foam brush

-Elmers Spray Glue

– Your paint of choice

Make sure your base color is painted and completely dried before doing the stencil.  The key is to use the spray glue to stick the stencil to the wall. (Be sure to put an old sheet or drop cloth under the area where spray paint will be. it can get really tacky on the floor or wherever it lands and it’s no fun to clean off).

– Once you go over your stencil once or twice let it dry for a few minutes then pull it off the wall.  Don’t pull it off too soon because your edges may not be as clean.

– Once you pull it off, let it sit for a few minutes then repeat the process until your wall(s) are done!

Check out how this wall stencil totally transformed my dining room. This project took me a few days to complete:



Have fun!

-Nneka Saran

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