Evelyn Lozada in OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life Part 2 [Video Snippet]

In Part 2 of OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life with reality-television personality, Evelyn Lozada, viewers watch the same-yet-different woman they saw just one day before on Part 1 of the series premiere.

Following the very public dispute between her and her athlete [now estranged] husband, Chad Johnson, Iyanla Vanzant revisits her ‘Accountability Partner’ now in New York City.

After the alleged head-butt, which now appears to be a scar on the personality’s forehead, she has filed for divorce (which Chad has also finally agreed to do as well, after word circulated that he didn’t want to sign the divorce papers) and VH1 has cancelled their spin-off reality show, Ev & Ocho.

What’s interesting, actually very eerie in a way, is that one of the last things Vanzant advised to Lozada on Part 1 was the state of her and Johnson’s marriage.  It seemed as though Vanzant felt a strange aura around the craziness that was Evelyn and Chad.  Needless to say, she was right…  Just 41 days into the marriage, it was over.

While speaking to a very emotional Evelyn, Vanzant asked some hard-hitting questions.  Questions she wanted, better yet needed Evelyn to answer in order for the reality television star to help herself.

Like, was domestic violence prevalent previous to their marriage?  Although Lozada did not give a direct answer, out of the sake of Johnson’s children (whom she says she still has a close relationship with), it can be inferred based on Lozada’s [non-verbal and verbal] responses that it had occurred before.

According to various sources, after the domestic violence dispute between Chad and Ev, part two had to be filmed to tie everything in.

Although Evelyn is “angry” at Chad for doing this to her, their marriage, and family, she still knows that “he is a good guy.”  But, she knows that their marriage is over, maybe it never really even began.

The beauty in getting hurt (if there is really any beauty), is the ability to turn it around, learn from it, and grow.  It seems like Iyanla Vanzant may be the force to help strip down Evelyn’s hard, defensive, and degrading exterior, and in return mold a better woman.

Do you think so? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: YouTube

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