Send Him on an Ego Trip! by Precious Avorkliyah

Men have ego’s that are so astronomical that they could occupy the Grand Canyon. This isn’t something that we don’t know. But a man’s ego doesn’t always have to be the catalyst for arguments or the underlying perpetuate of tension. His ego could be a tool to encourage him. Play into his innate desire to feel like your rock and guiding light. Even though this isn’t always the case, you must make him feel this way in order to enhance the relationship.
Refrain from getting on our high horse and reminding him that “he’s not running this”. Let him feel in control and like you wouldn’t want to be without him. Feelings don’t have to be connected to reality…we feel the way we feel because at any given moment something stirs up a reaction. So make him feel like a king for the “little things”. Tell him how it turns you on that he pays the bills. Lust after him because he now remembers to take out the trash or clean his dinner plate. Romance him after a day of working hard. Let him lead the way when you walk into a restaurant. Publicly acknowledge him as the head of the relationship and/or household. It isn’t just about submitting, this is about encouraging your man to move on to do greater things. Accolades and verbal compliments are addictive! This will make him feel confident and desirable and there will be no urge to seek validation outside of the relationship.
Do you think ego boosts are vital to healthy relationships?

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