Why Are More Black Women in Stilettos on a Pole Vs. Ballet Flats On a Stage?

Photo Credit: rachelatarms.livejournal.com


Let me first say that this question doesn’t stem from any statistical data So I’m not suggesting that it’s been proven that there are more African-American women as exotic dancers than there are professional ballerinas (although, it’s likely). I’m also not bashing either profession.

What I think is more disconcerting is the depiction of African American women in the media as loose, only-bodied, and Jezebels.

And just how is this projection affecting society’s view of us? How is this affecting the way our brothers view our sisters? Does it contort the way in which we view ourselves?

I’d love to hear from you all when thinking about this cultural critique. Does this strike you in anyway? Does it even matter? Tell EGL what you think.

–Victoria Ford

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