Jackie Christie the MC?

She can NOT be serious…..

We have seen tons of reality stars begin to dable in new entertainment ventures as their celebrity grows. Draya Michelle and her Mint Swim bathing suit line, Lauren Conrad‘s book series, and of course, The Kardashians. I’m not knocking their hustle. They better capitalize! But….Jackie Christie….a MC?!?

Yes you read correctly, MC as in rapper as in is she serious? The single, “Woman of the Year is Jackie Christie’s first iTunes released track. The song is her singing/rapping about her clothes and shoes, proclaiming she’s the woman of the year, and what’s a rap song without a shout out to your haters? 

The song’s not half bad, I just keep getting stuck on the fact that it’s Jackie Christie… Doesn’t she have a wedding or something to go plan?

What do you all think, love it or dump it? 

By the way, this is Jackie… in her primeeeee!

We’ve pronounced her Jackie SLAY.

By: Milan Zoe

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