Top Five Beauty Products Every Beginner Should Have

Beauty advice surrounds us all the time.   But what if your new to the world of  makeup?  Where do you even begin?

As a subscriber of many YouTube makeup guru’s, an impulsive cosmetic shopper, and blog/magazine obsessed young female, I put as much time into makeup as I do into my accounting homework (hey, at least I admit it). Makeup is about appearance, but it is also about trusted brands, cost, lifetime of products, etc.  So keeping that all in mind, below are the top five products we recommend for starting your makeup bag:

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1. MAC Studio Fix Powder ($27): The great thing about MAC is their customer service. So, when I walked in the store and described wanting a product that covered my blemishes, but felt light and was easy to put on, one of their professionals recommended Studio Fix powder. This takes just a minute to apply and will help in achieving that flawless airbrushed look. Be sure to ask an employee to help in finding the perfect shade.

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2. Sonia Kashuk Brushes ($16): After getting a lesson in how to use the pricey brushes at MAC, I went to Target where I was able to find a set full of similar brushes by Sonia Kashuk. I’ll admit spending more money on brushes does ensure better application and durability; however, these brushes are great quality and will help you save a nice penny. They were also featured in a live Ustream makeup tutorial done on celebrity stylist, Mr. Bradshaw.

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3. Ulta Bronzer ($12): Every woman, no matter what color, should invest in bronzer. It adds a little extra to your powder by giving you a sun-kissed glow. As you get more comfortable with it, you will see it is quite multifunctional.

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4. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($4): This green and pink-bottled mascara is a classic. Found at local drug stores everywhere, you can get it for low cost and yet it’ll give you beautiful lashes. Every 1.7 seconds some store in America is running this across the cashier’s scanner*. Getting it in waterproof will keep things looking fresh throughout the day!

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5. Naked Palette ($50): In comparison to the other products, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette is a small splurge. However, it is unquestionable worth the investment. I got mine a little while ago and it is still in very good shape. Plus, now that Naked 2 is out, you can probably find it at more competitive rates.
Get these products, and you will have everything needed for a simple everyday look. Good luck and welcome to the world of makeup!

-Christina Nicole Westley

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