Is Talking Cheating? Truth Or Myth


The fear of infidelity is an actual phobia that can be intensely paralyzing in an intimate relationship. We can do our best to avoid it, but it can be difficult to foresee, because it isn’t as black and white as it may seem. During a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, singer Usher Raymond disclosed details about his own infidelity during his marriage. Usher shared his belief that “having a conversation with another woman about matters of your relationship, or just even your own emotions…” is considered cheating in his opinion. Truth or Myth?

EGL says … TRUTH!

Sexual intercourse is not the only form of infidelity! Any interaction with someone other than your mate, that can be perceived as perpetuating an intimate connection, can be considered cheating.  So be clear, there are other types of infidelity , in fact many cases of sexual infidelity can start with the sort of cheating Usher was talking about.   Emotional affairs , exclude physical intimacy and include emotional intimacy. The emotional energy concentrated into affairs usually causes the “cheater” to dedicate less emotional energy to their committed relationship. This shift in energy can become more and more obvious and can drive a major wedge between you and your mate. The damage to the relationship can be long lasting and at times, irreversible.


Emotional affairs share most aspects of physical affairs – secrecy, deception, and betrayal. But, in addition to those, it also includes an invitation into your mind and heart. Once you establish that level of intimacy, the romance is bound to develop further; and you are bound to emotionally “check out” of your committed relationship.

Ladies, as much as we hate to admit it, we are EMOTIONAL creatures! This makes us prone to being drawn into an emotional affair; so it’s important to be careful with whom we share our sensitive moments. Speaking too often to that “guy friend” about matters of the heart, could get us caught up in an emotional attachment. If you aren’t getting the emotional support you need from your man; let him know and at least give him a chance to improve. Don’t give another man a chance to sneak in during a vulnerable moment. When in doubt….emotional support is what girlfriends are for!

by Aramis Grant

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