NEW MUSIC: Gospel Singer Remakes Usher’s Climax

Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon Remakes Usher’s ‘Climax Song with a holy spin.

It actually sounds pretty good , BUT is it ok to turn a SECULAR song into a SPIRITUAL song?

Let us know what you think.

7 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC: Gospel Singer Remakes Usher’s Climax

  1. Climax isn’t a sex song btw listen to the lyrics, the video itself however is very sexual but the title of the song and the lyrics to the song are not what you may think…
    I personally don’t like Deitricks version tbh after hearing the original.

    Should Christian’s cover secular songs? Not if the context is sinful, for example there are some songs that are inspirational that I don’t think is a problem.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Christians just need to stop making “Christian” versions of things from secular culture. How about we instead make genuinely new and innovative things? The Kingdom of God is set against the kingdoms of this world because it is better. It should look different because it is different. In our efforts to make our message more palatible, I fear we have lost sight of what the actual message is.

    • I totally agree and believe that God has a sound that is unlike that of the world. God doesn’t need the world to promote him. we can’t afford to compromise there’s enough of that already

  3. It’s kinda like where your minds at. If you heard it first as a gospel sonthyowoquestion would it be wright to change a gospel song to a sex song.

  4. Climax is not a song about sex first and foremost. There is nothing wrong with a gospel artist remaking a song from the secular world into a Christian version. Artist remake each others songs all the time. What difference does it make? I agree with Michelle, if you heard it as a gospel song first then would it be a problem?. I like Dhaddy’s version.

  5. I agree with Trey, things of the world and that are originally from sexual content should Not be brought into the church as being remade into a gospel song. Even though the lyrics may be changed, people are still going to have that feeling of “sensual” rhythm when hearing the song because it was first heard as a sexual song so changing up the lyrics won’t necessarily change feeling & people minds are still set upon what was originally from the song & not worshipping God. Likewise, just like it’d be wrong for someone to remake a gospel song originally made for the glorification of God & changed into a secular song. Something derived/initiated from worldly passions should not be remade as a form or way of trying to glorify God with!

  6. I personally don’t see an issue with him redoing the song myself. I feel as though it is a good way to get teens and the young adults of this generation (including myself) to actually listen to some type of gospel music. I have a gospel station on my pandora, but I find myself skipping through most of the songs because they aren’t “catchy”…

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