Perk Up Your Pink

Pink has never failed as the go-to color when it comes to throwing a little polish on your nails. And while it never gets old, here are a few ways to spice up this classic color:


From the picture this may seems like your average pink polish; however, believe me, shellac is so much better! Ranging from $25-$35 in the salon, this gel polish is applied one layer at a time with UV light exposure in between. You leave the salon with nails that are completely dry, no wait! Another benefit of shellac is that it doesn’t chip. That freshly painted shine stays the full 2-3 weeks, until you go for a new mani.


Photo Courtes (Velvet Nails Picture)y:

Ever since Ciate’ launched its velvet manicure set for $19 in stores such as Sephora and Nordstrom, a clear appreciation of textured nails has resurfaced. The application may be a little different than typical polish, but the DIY kit comes with clear instructions.


I’ll admit, the fact that certain people have caught hold of the ombre hair trend makes me think this fad is coming to slow death. However, ombre nails still have a feeling of originality to them! Whether you mix and match different hues of pink, or blend pink with a different bold color, the color combos are endless. Application will take a little practice before you’re satisfied, but there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you out.

Try these nail tricks to keep your pink exciting as you support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Let us know how it goes!

By: Christina Nicole Westley

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