No Room For Haters: National Stop Bullying Month

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Thirty one days have been set aside for us to recognize the devastating effects of bullying and contribute to its prevention. Created in 2006 by PACER (Parents Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights), National Stop Bullying month began as a one week campaign and has now transformed into a month long effort filled with community events, petitions and anti-bullying awareness.

One way that observers of the cause have been making their voices heard on the subject is through art. Anti-bullying poetry, visual art and music have become popular in the mainstream and beyond. Artists from Christina Aguilera to Taylor Swift have addressed bullying in their music and the internet is flooded with poems by children and adults who express their own experiences with rising above the sting of bullying.

As we mature, bullying sometimes loses its direct effect in our own lives, but it does not disappear or become less relevant. As positive, powerful women, let us dedicate this month to appreciate our differences, celebrate others’ accomplishments, and leave no room for hate.

–Gwendolyn Lewis

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