The Sky is Falling: A Movement to Helped Opressed Women Worldwide

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“Women hold up half the sky” –Mao Tse-tung

In 2009, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn published their book Half  the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. It likens the oppression of women in  the 21st century to the devastating issue of slavery in our past. More than a book, it is a call to action. The authors remove the reader’s ignorance with raw and gripping accounts of women in Africa and Asia who, although terrorized by oppression, were able to rise above their circumstances. Kristof and Wudunn breathe life into the issue of cruelty to women with frustrated, disappointed, but optimistic words. We need to get emotional, get angry, get hopeful, then get moving.

Now, in 2012 the book has become a movement. In attempt to answer Kristof and Wudunn’s cry for help,  the movement, carrying the same name as the book, employs the internet, media and powerful names in popular culture to not only spread awareness, but to outline how we can change the lives of oppressed women.

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On October 1st and 2nd a 4 hour television series premiered in which Kristoff accompanied by big powerful women including Gabrielle Union, America Ferrera and Olivia Wilde traveled to ten countries to highlight women who are dealing with oppression and heroically working to change their circumstances. The documentary features an introduction by George Clooney, analysis by Hilary Clinton and a host of other powerful figures who have been moved to make moves.

We can all join the movement to stop half our sky from collapsing.

To learn how you can help visit:

–Gwendolyn Lewis

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