Shut Out The Negativity!

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On our quest to start new chapters in our lives, we can find ourselves surrounded by voices. These include individuals cheering us on, as well as those telling us not to move forward. When the desire to move forward is strong, allowing voices to intervene causes self-doubt. Even worse, it can cause a person to lose the self-esteem needed to move forward. Therefore, the first rule in solving the problem is drowning out the voices. Focus on the positive things in your life that can help you achieve your dreams. Here are 2 tips.

1. Know your worth. When deciding to follow a particular dream it’s important to be honest with yourself. Basically, weigh the pros & cons of your ability to provide the necessary skills for success. To put it bluntly, if you’re tone deaf it might not be a great idea to dream of winning American Idol. On the other hand, if you’re more than qualified to succeed in your dreams, GET MOVING.

2. Devise a plan and change your surroundings. Once the plan’s in place it’s important to have a solid support system around you. Though hard to fathom, the world is filled with dream killers. In other words, someone determined to discourage you from following your dreams. A person content on always finding the negative within anything you try to accomplish. If you’re serious about the next step, these people will have to be removed from your circle. Though certain individuals (family, spouse, friends) will always be in our lives, we can remove them from various aspects. Meanings, when it comes to the next chapter, share that part of you only with those that believe in our success.

By Kanarian Kindred

The following video is an awesome source for those of you paralyzed by the negativity. It’s time to unchain the thoughts holding you down and move forward to success. I feel confident the following can help get you started…

Les Brown: Unwrap Your Infinite Greatness

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