Angela Yee of Power 105 The Breakfast Club reported that MMG’s rapper Gunplay will be turning himself in! It was said that Gunplay had outstanding warrants due to armed robbery and assault charges!

BUT WAIT lets back track a little… it seems as though Gunplay’s name has been buzzing around a lot lately. He recently was in an altercation with the G-Unit camp after BET hip-hop awards. Allegedly, Gunplay was punched in the face, pepper sprayed and was robbed of his chain!

WHEW now that had to be messy!!! Where was MMG affiliates when all of this was going on?!!!! Gunplay states that they had already walked ahead of him. Maybe he will stay close to his team next time!

In result of the BET pandemonium Gunplay’s name made the headlines, which made it easy for officials to track him down. It was best that he turned himself in as opposed to being caught up at the wrong time!

Stay Tuned for Updates!

By: Bryhana Moore

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