“When my man leaves the house, I know he’s coming right back, I got that good good!”

It looks like Ashanti knows how to keep her man because Nelly threw his sweetheart a surprise birthday party this past Saturday night!

Although Nelly has been involved in a little drama lately, he still managed to take the time out to invite all of Ashanti’s close friends and family as well as Hip Hop couple TI and Tiny to STK for a dinner celebration.

Ashanti had a super exciting birthday weekend and the songstress festivities began at Club Reign where she performed “Good Good” and “Only You” on Friday night. Ashanti was all smiles about her 32nd birthday celebration as she went on Twitter to share her bliss with her followers.


“Wow!!! I had no idea this was goin down!!!! Thanku guys so much 4all the bday luv! & every1 that cme out 2 reign ATL turn up!! S/O to @nelly_mo for hosting my bday party!!! I had an effin blizzassstt,” Ashanti tweeted.

It’s so sweet to see our Hip Hop leading men treating their women like princesses! From Diddy and Cassie to Nelly and Ashanti, it’s heartwarming to watch couples embrace their relationships!

By: Ericka Smith

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