Something For The Lovers

You don’t have to wait for a honeymoon or anniversary to get away with that special someone AND it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Whether you want to be secluded on an island or nestled by a fire, there’s something for everyone.


Take a trip to the beautiful Dutch Caribbean where the climate is warm but there’s always a cool, sauntering breeze. Enjoy beautiful beaches with iguanas and flamingos at play. In Aruba, you can take pleasure in Food & Wine festivals every Wednesday and a Carubbian Festival every Thursday!  Relax and unwind in Aruba!

Steven Coy

Steven Coy

Negril, Jamaica

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of Reggae music while sipping on a Bob Marley drink in this tucked away area of Jamaica. 7-mile beaches with white sand and blue waters just steps away from your adult or couples only resort. Whether you’re cliff jumping or relaxing on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Negril is sure to heighten your senses.


Who says you need a beach to snuggle up with your significant other? Get cozy by the fire in a romantic log cabin in Dillon, Colorado. Go skiing on the highest terrain in North America or enjoy the Lights Festival if you’re visiting in December or January. It’s cuddle season!

Tekeisha Coy- Journey Creation 

2 thoughts on “Something For The Lovers

  1. All 3 are very romantic! Journey Creation, how do I contact you to book that Colorado vacation? This article was short, sweet and insightful. Can’t wait for your next blog!!

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