Evelyn Lozada Ditches the Blonde And Gets Ready For Her First Prom!


Reality star and author, Evelyn Lozada, has had a very tough year. With the media public attacking her character and her sudden divorce from ex-husband, Chad Johnson, it was inevitable that Ev would make a few changes.

Recently, Evelyn attended a benefit concert hosted by Faithful Central Bible Church and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, where she revealed her “new do”. She went on to tweet “I thought blondes have more fun?!hmmm I’m a brunette now, lets see how this works.” Apparently, the brown is a hit! Ev, has received much love about the color change.

I love the cocoa brown hair on Evelyn!

That’s not all Evelyn is up to, she’s now in the business of making dreams come true! One of Ev’s Twitter followers asked her to attend his prom and she gave him a wholehearted YES! After a few Twitter exchanges, the deal was sealed. Ev took to her blog to express her excitement about the event. She stated her excitement stemmed from her not being able to attend her own prom because she was pregnant with daughter, Shaniece.


She expressed her happiness that Anthony (her “date”) is graduating and encouraged all to stay in school and go to college! Ev is definitely excited and really wants her fans to experience this with her. She’s starting a countdown and may even allow us to choose the dress she’ll wear to the event.

It seems as though Evelyn is truly happy with where she is in her life now, and I’m very happy for her!

By: Brittany Bryant

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