Final Presidential Debate: Obama Rattles Romney

Last night was the final debate for the 2012 presidential race and both candidates went out with a bang!

The debate focused on foreign policy and was moderated by CBS News Bob Schieffer in Boca Raton, Florida at Lynn University.

President Obama, who obviously has experience in foreign policy, dominated the debate by calling Governor Romney out on his previous views and emphasizing his switch in his opinions. He talked about Romney initially stating that Russia was America’s biggest geopolitical threat and then switched it to Iran.

Governor Romney tried to regain ground by driving his answers back towards the economy (his strong point and the area he dominated in the first debate).

“I don’t see our influence growing around the world, I see our influence receding, in part because of the failure of the president to deal with our economic challenges at home.” – New York Times

However, President Obama seemed to come out swinging with multiple blows to Romney’s lack of experience in foreign policy, his preceived inability to maintain clarity in his statements and stances and his avoidance of certain questions posed by Schieffer. He also listed his administration’s accomplishments in foreign policy during his term. He was even at times sarcastic with his tone at the risk of sounding condescending. However, he truly emphasized the fact that he had experience and is still the Commander and Chief.

Who do you think won the debate? 

What did you think of the final debate? 

Food for Thought: Many commentators said that President Obama was too aggressive in his approach during the final debate. But when Governor Romney did the same in the first debate, they called it ‘acting presidential’. Double standards perhaps?

If you missed it, watch the entire debate below: 

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