Preserve Your Sexy!

Remember when you would get dressed to the “T” to make heads turn on ladies night. What about doing your hair and make-up just right even if going out to the store because you never knew who would see you? Or putting on the cute sexy outfit when meeting up with your boo? Women by nature love to dress up and be seen. But the more responsibilities you get, the harder it becomes to keep up with the “sexy you”. Some of us even let ourselves go.Despite having our plate full, we must find time to keep up our appearance.  Whether you agree or disagree, the fact of the matter is our appearance is a reflection of so many other things: what type of woman we are, how professional we are, even what type of mother we are. We want to make sure that people see what we truly are…powerful, capable, beautiful, sexy women! We at EGL recognize that working endless hours, maintaining households and families, or fulfilling daily tasks and errands can occupy our extra time and make it very difficult to tend to our outer selves, but it can be done. Follow these tips on how to feel and look good while balancing being a Superwoman.

Tips for Preserving Your Sexy:

  1. It’s ALL about the shoe- A high heel never failed at looking sexy. Switch up your foot wear now and again to add some pep to your step. Opt for a sexy knee high or over the knee boot when going out or turn your ballet flatsin for a strappy platform pump. What something comfy yet still sexy? Go for a wedged bootie that’s detailed with spikes, studs a peep toe, or even in a sexy print like cheetah.

2. Night time, Fun time-Get sexy for bed by investing in a few key lingerie pieces. Lingerie doesn’t only have to be worn on a special occasion or for your significant other. Keep the sweats in your drawer and opt for pieces like a comfy satin slip or lace camisole set. Lingerie comes in all different colors and varieties. Find the one that fits your personality best.

  1. Business Casual turned Business SEXY A good chunk of your day may be spent at work-but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your look there too. Switch up your normal slacks for a high waisted, slim cut trousers or even sleek pencil skirt. Does your office have dress down Friday? Keep it sexy yet classy in denim trousers with a fitted blazer and stiletto.      

Just like we make it a priority to take care of everybody else, we MUST find time to take care of ourselves; which includes keeping yourself fresh and sexy, in order to feel good about you. Being sexy should not be limited to a phrase others use to describe you; it should also be a feeling women have for themselves. Women need to OWN it –LEARN TO BE SEXY FOR YOU.

By Ness Baker

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