T.I. Teams Up With Beyoncé On “Dance for You” Remix


Revamping the ultra-sexy single, “Dance for You” off Beyoncé’s 2011 album, rapper T.I. provides a few bars to its remix.

While the track was released about a year ago, it’s been gaining popularity ever since – becoming a fave among Queen Bey fans!

Rapping over the slow jam, T.I. explains:

Shawty show me that you love the way that I do,

Whatever to show the world I’m crazy ‘bout you.

I tell ‘em everything amazing ‘bout you,

The reason behind me saying ‘I Do’…”

[An ode to his wifey Tiny, maybe?]

For those who may be raising an eyebrow on the new remix, this certainly is not an unlikely collab; the ‘King of the South’ appeared on Destiny’s Child’s Soldier along with Lil’ Wayne.

Check out Beyoncé’s “Dance for You” feat. T.I. below:

Are y’all feeling this remix?

By Tahajah Samuels (@MissTahSam)

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