Shaunie O’Neal Insinuated a “Make-Over” Idea for BBWLA, Laura Govan Has Something To Say!

 Just last week EGL shared news that the second season of Basketball Wives L.A was deemed “boring” by fans.

Though one of the show producers Shaunie O’neal agreed [with a fan via twitter] that the show was in need of a serious ‘make-over’, cast member Laura Govan, replied on how she felt about O’neal’s comment, stating …

I might say that I would agree with her. A makeover is needed, but I don’t know to what extent.”  Laura told Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

She then said…

If you gonna have your name stamped on something, you should definitely support it…

Whoa …SIDE TRACK: Is Laura trying to say that Shaunie should have defended the show more??

According to Sister 2 Sister, Govan claims that the BBWLA series was actually “…the brainchild of her and sister Gloria Govan” while adding “Shaunie has nothing to do with BBW: LA.”

Despite Laura’s questioning of Shaunie’s suggestions about the ‘make-over’, she did agree that there are a few things she would change…

If it’s ‘Basketball Wives,’ then let’s hold this title. At least have some basketball affiliation. At least keep it in the group, just have an affiliation. I’ve been with my guy 12 years, regardless of marriage or not. I’ve paid my dues. Give me some people who have paid their dues.”


We aren’t totally clear about which cast members Laura maybe referring to, and she declined to specify names while being interviewed, but maybe we could take a wild guess because Laura ALSO stated…

“At the end of the day, the title is called ‘Basketball Wives,’ at least play basketball. Let’s not just have the groupies. Get that for another show. That could be the jump-off show,”

Umm groupies?

By: Bryhana Moore

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