Artist Reclaims Sound

she heard it with her own eyes… or
 she sees it with her own ears.. or
 something like that lol

We take for granted the sound of our voices,  of fingers tapping a keyboard, of high heels walking down a hallway. Sound is what we know, hear and produce on a daily basis. What we process with our ears is one of our ways of understanding the world. For deaf artist, Christine Sun Kim, a relationship with sound did not come naturally, but through deliberate artistic experiments.

In a short film on Vimeo by Todd Selby, Kim works to reclaim the sounds that she once understood as only belonging to the hearing world. She creates visual representations of the vibrations made by music, turns the popping of helium balloons into performance art and creates a painting by allowing sound vibrations to splash paint out of a can onto paper. While we’re busy hearing sound, Kim is seeing, feeling and employing it. In this ten minute short film, such loud expressions are made by such a silent and talented lady who teaches those who hear to stretch the boundaries of sound.

–Gwendolyn Lewis

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