There’s a Thin Line Between Friendly and Intrusive, Respect Personal Space

Discernment (noun) – the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently

Have you been on the train, bus, or in line at the grocery store when a complete stranger appears? Instead of the usual smile or head nod, they start a full-fledged conversation. Or even worse, you’re speaking with another person, someone overhears the topic, and they begin to jump in your conversation. Though talking is a natural form of communication, not everyone wants to hear your life story, especially a stranger. Therefore, here is a tip to keep in mind before inviting yourself to someone else’s conversation.

Pay attention to the body language of the individual. When attempting a conversation, is the other person showing some form of interest or backing away from you? Are they smiling or looking at you with confusion or a frown? If the amount of interest is moderate to none, it’s best to end contact and move forward to someone else. The goal is to be more aware of how people may be receiving you. This consciousness can mean the difference between turning people off and drawing them in.

Allow this simple tip to serve as a guide for meeting strangers without being a nuisance. You have to pick your timing, conversational content, and approach wisely; because not everyone is prepared to become your confidant at any given moment. Reserve your senseless rants and emotional outpour for the loved ones who understand you, in the hope that you won’t feel the need to read off your burdens to just anyone.

The following video is for those longing to meet new people, but have felt that people aren’t reponding positively to you. The steps offer tips and first hand demonstrations on how to get you out there. In the end, starting conversations with strangers can be scary, but fun once you have mastered the process. Enjoy…

By Kanarian Kindred

What To Do When You You Talk Too Much; People Say Your Annoying Because You Won’t Stop Talking!

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