Lip Balms For Lovely Lips

Lip Balms For Lovely Lips
Photo Credits: Beginning with the Fresh wreath from left to right…
1. Fresh wreath –
2. EOS Organic 4-Flavor Pack —
3.African American model — — Backstage Beauty
3. Sugar Lip Treatment —
4. Model — — Mango Taps Madison for a Sporty Winter Outing

As the weather gets colder, the air always seems to pull all of the moisture out of  my lips. It begins in October and the need for an amazing lip balm grows.  The market is filled with so many products promising to do everything,   it can be overwhelming.  However there are two products that stand above the rest.

First up is the 100% natural and 95% organic EOS Smooth Sphere.  Full disclosure: when I first saw this product in my local CVS, I fell in love with the fun packaging.  However once I tried it, I fell in with the entire product.  It goes on smooth and nourishing. You will likely have to re-apply this product several times throughout the day.

My other favorite lip balm falls more in the splurge class.  It’s Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.  It comes in various tinted colors  and clear.  It moisturizes and smoothes lips, especially when they are badly chapped. It leaves a bit more of a glossy look on the lips in comparison to the Smooth Sphere, which is nice when you don’t want to add a lip gloss.

My final note on lip balms is actually a recommendation for exfoliating them often.  Whether you want go with a product like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish or make your own with some warm water and sugar, regular exfoliation of the lips will help to keep moisture in,  regardless of which lip balm you select.

Products —

EOS Smooth Sphere — $2.99 to $3.29 @ CVS, Target, ULTA Beauty and online

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment — $22.50 to $25 @ Sephora and department store

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish — $22.50 @ Sephora and department stores

By: Michelle Whitaker

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