Derrick Rose Introduces The World To His New Bundle Of Joy!

Chicago Bulls star [point guard] Derrick Rose, 24, is known to keep his personal life from the media and fans.

But that all changed recently when he decided to put his guard down and post pictures on twitter of his few-weeks-old baby boy!

The tweet read, “My lil man PJ” accompanied by a photo of his bundle of joy!

Derrick and his long time girlfriend Mieka Reese [niece of former baller Tim Hardaway] tried to keep their relationship and pregnancy on the low, but we can all assume that after taking one look at their ridiculously adorable baby boy P.J, the couple had to show him off!

Although this year hasn’t been the best for Derrick, with him taking some time off of the court due to his knee injury, it seems as though he has a lot to rejoice about now!

Check Out Baby PJ: 



It looks like Derrick and Mieka even got matching bands in honor of their son’s birth!

Aww, EGL wants to congratulate Mieka and Derrick on their handsome baby boy! A few weeks old and he is already photogenic, way too cute!

By: Bryhana Moore

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