“[Video] Keyshia Cole-Trust and Believe”


Could you imagine your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend?

Well, that’s the scandalous plot in Keyshia Cole’s new videoTrust and Believe”, starring  BOSS actor Rotimi as the cheating boyfriend and actress LaShontae Heckard  as the low down best friend.

The “Trust and Believe” video definitely takes us back to Keyshia Cole’s days of heartache and pain! The video is full of dramatics as we see Keyshia crying her heart out in the pouring rain, busting out car windows with a bat and catching her boyfriend and best friend in the act!


Whew! Now that’s drama!

It must be true when that say what goes around comes around because judging from the video’s unfortunate ending, Keyshia Cole won’t be dealing with betrayal from these two again!

Checkout the video for Keyshia Cole’s hit single “Trust and Believe”:

By: Ericka Smith (@ErickaLovesPR)

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