Chantel Christie Regrets Exposing Family’s Dark Secrets On Television!

Chantel Christie is definitely eating her words after Vh1 aired episode 10 of their reality seriesBasketball Wives: LA”. This episode gave viewers a deeper look into the unstable relationship Jackie Christie has with her two daughters, Chantel and Takari.

Chantel or “Chani” (as some call her) decided to spill the beans about her mother’s alleged abusive side. She revealed that her Jackie was emotionally abusive to her and her sister during their childhood. Chantel went in depth about the mistreatment Takari endured because she was darker and bigger than her.

After the show aired, Chantel realized being so open might not have been the smartest idea. She addressed the situation via Twitter:

All Families have issues and their is always two sides to every story.  We hope Jackie and her daughter are giving the opportunity to heal on their own terms. 

It seems that Chani is remorseful about the things she said, but is it too late? Do you think she went to far?

Click the link for the clip of Chani and Laura’s conversation:

Laura Govan and Chantel Christie’s Conversation

By: Brittany Bryant (@BrittaneeBey)

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