Paradise as a Library?

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

Books are mini escapes. When we read them, we are not only removed from our current circumstances, good or bad, but also transported into an alternate reality. In the wake of a powerful storm like Hurricane Sandy, those affected could use a mental getaway. Amongst the possessions ruined by Sandy are countless books and while the victims of the storm are working to reorganize their lives, others are working to restock their shelves.

A non-profit organization called First Book is taking it upon themselves to become the emergency relief workers for libraries, bookcases and schools that were devastated by the Hurricane. In conjunction with the American Federation of Teachers and the Albert Shanker Institute, First Books has organized a collection.

Every donation made to First Book is matched by the AFT and Albert Shanker Institute, creating a lump sum that will be used to buy books for those in New Jersey, New York and other areas harshly affected by the storm. Although Sandy has altered the lives of many, we can help rebuild happiness –one book at a time.

To learn how to donate click here!

–Gwen Lewis

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