EGL Culture Stories: The Real Jersey Shore

Recently, Hurricane Sandy plowed through the East Coast and destroyed (almost) everything in its path. One place that was hit really hard was New Jersey. Located on the northern shores of the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey has received national attention in recent years due to a variety of series such as Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, and Real Housewives of New Jersey. Although points all along the shore were affected by the hurricane, Jersey isn’t as in unison as many may think! The state is often times divided into North & South Jersey, with the regions having two very different cultures!

People from North Jersey are more New York based, which is why they often times have New York accents and root for NY sports teams such as the Yankees or Giants. They are very fast paced and more industrialized and liberal. North Jersey is often stereotypically associated with the mobsters like the Sopranos. And those girls with the big hair are often times associated with the North, too.

South Jersey, on the other hand, could seem like an entirely different world! It is more Philadelphia-based, so there is more Philly slang like “hoagies” and “’Wooder’ Ice.” As such, they also root for Philly teams such as the Eagles and the Phillies. The region is seen as more relaxed and slow-paced than its North Jersey counterpart. It is also more agricultural and conservative as well.

So never confuse a North Jersey girl and a South Jersey girl; although different, both will have a lot of spunk and sass, and will surely correct you!

–Alex Wiggins

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