Mommy Needs Love Too: How To Keep Intimacy Alive During Pregnancy


Welcome to pregnancy– a time when many couples find their former sex life has now become a roller coaster ride with neither partner knowing what to expect. Before pregnancy, you felt comfortable being intimate with your partner, but now that you’re pregnant you have questions or feel unsure about yourself. Not only do we want to keep the intimacy alive, but we also want to be able to maintain our sexy and keep him interested. Don’t allow pregnancy to make you feel down, less sexy or cause your man to be afraid to be sexually intimate with you. Allow us at EGL to help you keep intimacy alive and keep yourself feeling and looking sexy.

SEX DURING PREGNANCY-Sex is typically safe during all stages of a normal pregnancy unless your OBGYN tells you otherwise. Of course you may not always be in the mood for sex. You and your partner should keep the lines of communication open and talk about ways to satisfy your needs for intimacy.

According to Hitched Magazine, “sex keeps mommy and daddy emotionally and physically connected, as you both experience the joys, doubts, and fears that pregnancy brings.”

Try cuddling, kissing or showering together to get the heat going. Communicate with each other about what feels best during intercourse; and remember that oral sex is always an option, if intercourse becomes painful or complicated during the late stages.

KEEP HIM INTERESTED BY KEEPING YOURSELF SEXY– Spoil yourself! Get a manicure and pedicure, get your hair done, go for a massage. These things can go a long way to making you feel sexy. Oh and ladies, Dress The Part! Hit up your local lingerie store and slip into something sexy at bedtime. Show him that you’re still in touch with your sexual side. When he gets home, he will be pleasantly surprised to see you in that new outfit. Confidence is also the key to being sexy. Tell yourself how beautiful you are everyday and show him that you’re still that sexy women you were before the pregnancy. Confidence=sexy.

There will be ups and down in your libido (sexual drive) and there will also be times when you feel too tired or too uncomfortable for sex; simply talk to your partner. Let him know about the changes that your body is experiencing. These effects of pregnancy are normal and you should not feel guilty. Remember, sex is safe during a normal pregnancy; therefore, with clearance from your physician, you can let the fun times roll. Proceed with your sexual interactions, foreplay, and intercourse just the way you did before! Let him know that Mommy still needs love.

By Renee King

Please be advised that while the outlined tips and advice within this section, are derived from real experiences and knowledge in the subject matter; EGL Love & Sex writers should not be presumed to be experts.

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