#Entertainment News: Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives Season 5


While fans await the fifth installment of “Basketball Wives”, Tami Roman catches up with Toofab.com – speaking on the new season and showing a seemingly new matured attitude.

Roman says this upcoming season will show the audience a better balance between the drama and the positive things happening in the wives lives.

“I’m excited about [the show] because [BBW] has the tendency to border on the dramatic aspect of our lives. This particular season we’re getting more into our families, the positive things we’re doing…”

Many are use to watching Tami, along with most of her cast mates, involved in nothing but drama for 30-miuntes each week. For some; the fighting, cursing, and screaming are all negative portrayalsprompting boycotts of the show and cast.

Wary of the the label as a “bully” she has received, Roman claims to have grown from watching herself last season.

“Let me take responsibility for my actions. I did what I did… I took that opportunity to learn and grow. What I mean by that is I don’t consider myself a bully. Anyone that knows me knows I will give the shirt off my back; I’m a very loving person.”

When asked about her relationship with season 4’s new addition, Kesha Nichols, she explained, “I apologized to Kesha in written word and to her face… I’ve learned and grown from that moment…”

Who could forget all the drama between Tami and Kesha last season?! Very big of Tami!

It looks like season 5 of VH1’s hit show will see changes in some of the cast, will you be tuning in?!

By Tahajah Samuels (@MissTahSam)

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