.[VIDEO]- Lady Gaga Releases Snippet Of New Rap Video


Lady Gaga gets a little risqué in the sneak peek of the music video for her new RAP song “Cake Like Lady Gaga,” which shows her unleashing some ultra sexy stripper moves. Gaga has the right to show off a little sex appeal after all of the criticism she’s received since her weight gain. “Cake”, as some call it, places Gaga in another zone. She transforms from pop singer to hip hop lyricist!

Fans went “goo goo for Gaga” when she tweeted the 15-second teaser with the provocative caption “un petit fours OR *very good for making gifs*”. She then tweeted the following photo with the caption: “The real CAKE isn’t HAVING what you want, It’s DOING what you want.”


Tell ‘em GaGa!

She gives fans lyrics like: “Stunin’ all day/Swag on a hundred million/Private plane like Lady Gaga/Sip Champagne like Lady Gaga/Sold out show like Lady Gaga/Big bank roll like Lady Gaga”; that’s a nice verse!

Further into the song, Gaga definitely turns up the “thug appeal” and makes it known that all the haters want “Cake Like Lady Gaga”.

There is no word when the full video for “Cake” will be released or if it will appear on her upcoming album, “ARTPOP. However, this teaser has fans on the edge of their seats wanting to see how Gaga will top her previous works!

Watch the teaser for “Cake Like Lady Gaga” below:

Watch a live performance of “Cake Like Lady Gaga” below:

Do you think Gaga will successfully crossover into a new genre?

By: Brittany Bryant (BrittaneeBey)

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