Simple Ways to Give Thanks

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During the Thanksgiving holiday, many families reflect on things in their lives that they are thankful for and show their appreciation to one another. It’s a time to be grateful for one’s health, family, friends, job, home and having food on the table. Did you know some families take it a step further by expressing their gratitude through community service, volunteering for local organizations, collecting donations for those in need, and feeding the homeless?  You can join in on this generous act of kindness too!

Here are five simple ways to give back to your community and make others feel a part of your Thanksgiving tradition:

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1. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen—a soup kitchen is a facility that feeds homeless people for free.  As a volunteer, you can help serve or make their Thanksgiving meal.

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2. Put together Thanksgiving baskets to give to senior citizens in local nursing homes.  The baskets could include fruit, candy, baked goods, crossword puzzles, bookmarks, and other unique knick-knacks.

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3. Raise money and solicit for food donations—these resources could be given to your local food bank or food pantry.

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4. Bake a cake or pie and take it to your local fire station on Thanksgiving Day.  The firefighters on duty that day will be very appreciative of your gesture.

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5. Create a care package for children that are hospitalized within your area.  These packages can include children’s books, board games, puzzles, stuffed animals, magazines, crayons, or anything else that would make a child smile.

If you want to find other ways your family can give back during the Thanksgiving holiday within your community please visit

By Jazmine Kilpatrick

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