Dream In Color

While on your quest to success you will encounter those attempting to make you feel small. Whether it’s a networking group, former colleague, or even family; there is always someone determined to make you feel like less of a person. Therefore, I want you to know that though your credentials aren’t at the level of some people, you matter. Never let “dream killers” dampen your spirit, instead dream even higher, and dream in color. These inspirational points might help….

1. Learn the art of silence– When you hold a dream within your heart it’s not always best to let everyone know. Though they have the best intentions, sometimes outsiders tend to push you away from success instead of pushing you toward it. I can remember someone telling me, “Find three things in this world you want to do, then just do them. Don’t tell anyone until you’ve completed the task at hand. This will prevent the dream killers from destroying your focus.”

2. Do not let your age discourage you– Though you might be older or younger than most in that particular field, keep shooting for the mark. I find society loves to stigmatize us according to age and many other categories, but age is not always indicative of skill and talent. So if you have the ability to do the job, it will get noticed. Keep the Faith.

3. Never use your looks as an excuse halt your dreams– It seems every time you open a magazine, a female has to look this way or be this size for success, and especially fame. Do not surcumb to these suggestions of superficiality. Allow your inner beauty to shine when chasing your dreams. Though it may seem only the model types get a chance at success, that’s so not the case.

Negative feedback from others can bring you down at times but never give in. Your breakthrough is just around the corner…..Don’t Just dream in color, Live in Color!

By Kanarian Kindred

Take a minute and review the audition video for Susan Boyle on Britian’s Got Talent. When she walked on stage (forty seven and slightly overweight) the people in the crowd laughed at her. In the end she got the last laugh as you can tell.

Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream

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