The Ex Files: Evelyn Lozada Calls Out Chad’s Alleged Girlfriend On Twitter!

Evelyn Lozada says she’s a Maserati and Chad can take his new Corolla elsewhere!

Before we get into the juicy stuff, we have to applaud Evelyn for working on her anger issues. Her feisty temper has improved drastically since she appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life, but it looks like Evelyn may need another therapy session after she and Chad’s “girlfriend” had a spat on twitter!

It all started when Chad’s alleged girlfriend tweeted a picture of herself and the former Miami Dolphins football star, which she then sent to Evelyn. Now we all know that Evelyn doesn’t take well to disrespect, so when she got the tweet she let the girl have it!


Big- headed? We’re tickled!

But Chad’s “girfriend”, who’s name is Jessica, was not phased by Evelyn’s tweets at all! She clapped back by tweeting conversations with Chad and retweeting old pictures of them together:





In addition to Evelyn dealing with twitter drama, she and the cast of Basketball Wives have issues with Vh1.

According to TMZ, the ladies haven’t signed contracts for season 5 of the show yet, even though it started filming last week.

The Basketball Wives want a pay raise from last season, but the network isn’t willing to increase their salaries. If they don’t come to an agreement soon, the girls may be replaced for this upcoming season.

Where is Iyanla when Ev needs her?! She has alot going on!

By: Ericka Smith (@ErickaLovesPR)

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