.What A Mighty Good Man; Thankful For Him, Flaws and All


He forgets what you tell him; doesn’t clean up after himself; doesn’t call you enough or even worse calls you too much. One minute you hate him – then you love him. We’re talking about your man. We can all relate to the love/hate relationship between a woman and her man. Women are constantly complaining about all the things their men are doing wrong. But the real question is… Are they really ALL bad? If so, how did we fall in love with them?

As we all know…of course they aren’t all bad! People tend to unconsciously highlight and broadcast negative features or experiences more often than we mention the positive ones. Women, especially, tend to get frustrated with our man’s flaws, because we internalize them as indicators of a lack of love, respect, or commitment. But, this is certainly not always the case. We have to allow his flaws to be his and not adopt them as our own. We need to be as vocal, if not more, about our man’s strengths as we are with his weaknesses. This in turn, will further strengthen the relationship.

We at EGL understand that women want to feel appreciated but it is important to understand that our men need the same! Follow these tips on how to show your man you love and appreciate him, flaws and all.

Tips to Show Him You Care:

Surprise Him– Bring lunch to his job, come home with that new game or shirt he wanted, treat him out to eat just because. He will appreciate that you are doing something that is centered only on him.


Pass the Oil– Spontaneously give him a massage as soon as he comes home from work. Help him undress and have him unwind after a long day, without expecting anything in return-Don’t  forget the “happy ending“.

Just Do It– Don’t wait for a romantic or intimate evening to tell your honey how much he means to you. Tell him in a random email or text; tell him in mid-conversation; write a letter. However you do it…JUST DO IT

Ladies, do not let one or two things your man does wrong consume all your memories of what he has done right. Nobody is perfect and it is unrealistic to think your man won’t mess up along the way. The main focus should be on CHANGE and GROWTH. Does your man learn from what he did wrong and is he committed to showing and proving to you that change? The act of balancing and embracing the bad and good traits is hard, yet can be very rewarding.

By Ness Baker

Please be advised that while the outlined tips and advice within this section, are derived from real experiences and knowledge in the subject matter; EGL Love & Sex writers should not be presumed to be experts.

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