.Before You Eat, Give THANKS

With all of the Thanksgiving preparations: cooking, shopping, traveling, and eating, and in the midst of all that high energy, do you ever stop to think about WHY you’re going out of your way for all of the hoopla?

Hopefully your first response is not devouring the delicious the food. Take a moment and actually think about why this one night of dinner out of the whole entire year is so significant.

THANKSgiving, aside from its historical aspects, is a very simple concept. There is nothing like giving thanks or expressing gratitude for all of the things that we are surrounded by.

Start putting your thoughts on being thankful into play.  If you have a hard time expressing your feelings vocally, you can always write them down.

Think of 3 things that you are truly thankful for. To be more specific, don’t forget to include why these things are of such importance to you.  For example:

  1. My FamilyThe only people in my life who give me unconditional love and support
  2. My Strength-  The ability to overcome the setbacks life throws at me and protect myself from those who try to bring me down
  3. My Health and Vitality- To be able to wake up every day walking, talking, seeing, hearing, and thinking.

Whether good or bad, great things are upon you. As long as you are alive and have a pulse, you have something to be thankful for. Just remember to take time to reflect and think beyond the amazing food and fun.

Start appreciating the unforgettable moments and give others a reason to feel grateful for you. We all are a part of someone’s appreciation. Spread the energy out towards your loved ones and see it come back to you!

By: Mareissa King

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