.Nicki Minaj Blasts “The Breakfast Club” On Air For Ill-Prepared Interview!


Head Barb, Nicki Minaj, wasn’t all smiles and giggles during her interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club”.

Nicki stopped by the show to promote her re-release, Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded-The Re-Up. While doing that, she also gave the inside scoop on her controversial E! reality series, her budding record label and new artists, her perfume “Pink Friday”, American Idol, and more.

Things took a slight turn when Angela Yee expressed she smelt and liked Nicki’s fragrance but didn’t purchase it. Things went further south when Dj Envy prepared to break for commercial and Nicki realized none of her new songs were cued up to be played.


She then went on a rant about how unprepared the morning show was and began to compare her interviews in the UK with those in the US. Nicki then took to Twitter and began retweeting complaints from her barbz; one photo (tweeted by Dy Envy) even spelled the rapper’s name wrong:




Although things went south at certain points, the radio personalities held it together and gave us a very entertaining interview!

Nicki ALWAYS gets pinned for being a DIVA. Was she right this time?

Watch Nicki Minaj on “The Breakfast Club” below!

By:Brittany Bryant (@BrittaneeBey)

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