.Fresh Music Fridays: Eve – “Quiet Storm” (Remix) [Video]

E-V-E is back on her rap tip and we love it! 


Part of her “EVEstylin’ Tuesdays” series, which gives fans a taste of new music each week from the Philly native; the female MC freestyled over Mobb Deep’s notorious “Quiet Storm” beat!

Staying in her pocket – as usual, Eve gives us the laid-back but don’t try me attitude we’ve always loved about her.

“Been a real quiet storm, been under raps, bubblin’.

Jetsetted on and turning s— up out in Dublin…

Stumbled through Paris, bought real estate out in London.

Flying ‘round the world, you can hate me, ‘cause I’m loving it.”

Swag on ‘em!

Her new album, Lip Lock, will reportedly be released next year.

Check out Eve’s “Quiet Storm” freestyle below: 

By Tahajah Samuels (@MissTahSam)

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