.Before You Eat, Give THANKS

With all of the Thanksgiving preparations: cooking, shopping, traveling, and eating, and in the midst of all that high energy, do you ever stop to think about WHY you’re going out of your way for all of the hoopla? Hopefully … Continue reading

.Finding Shelter after Devastation

Lately there has been a dramatic influx of hotel reservations along the north east coast. Unfortunately, it isn’t due to vacation or celebration, but from the flak and causalities of Hurricane Sandy. Extended Stay America is offering rooms complete with … Continue reading

Life’s a Breeze Beef Stew

Some call them crockpots, some call them slow cookers. Either way, this kitchen appliance is used on a regular basis in my home. They allow you to create nourishing meals for you and your family without the worry of timing … Continue reading

Stay Clear of the Cold and Flu Season!

As we all know, or maybe already experiencing, the cold and flu season is here! If you happen to be currently ducking and dodging the coughing, fevers, headaches, and sneezing so far, more power to you. However, without proper protection, … Continue reading

How YOU Can Help With Relief for Hurricane Sandy

Many have been asking Everything Girls Love how they can become more involved with aiding in the relief for Hurricane Sandy. Although some were not affected at all by the storm, many were! And in time of need, it’s important … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy has finally come to an end but she left a lot of devastation. In two days, Sandy smashed into homes and trees, cutting power and destroying cities along the Atlantic Coast.  Sandy has claimed 56 lives in the … Continue reading

Colin Powell Publicly Endorses President Obama… AGAIN!

Sandy has completely interrupted our lives and the Presidential election as well.  However, as we clean up and dry out lets not forget about this big mile stone in Presidents Obama’s run for reelection. Former Secretary of State (Republican) Colin … Continue reading

Actress Naomie Harris Confirms Idris Elba James Bond Talks

Now Ladies, wouldn’t Idris Elba make one sexy James Bond?  EGL sure does think so! There has been plenty of buzz surrounding the possibility of Idris Elba becoming the first black James Bond! Everyone, including current James Bond girl Naomie … Continue reading

Shaunie O’Neal Insinuated a “Make-Over” Idea for BBWLA, Laura Govan Has Something To Say!

 Just last week EGL shared news that the second season of Basketball Wives L.A was deemed “boring” by fans. Though one of the show producers Shaunie O’neal agreed [with a fan via twitter] that the show was in need of … Continue reading

Bruno Marz Drops Album List and Cover Art for “Unorthodox Jukebox”

The fantastically talented and amazingly funny Bruno Marz released his album art AND album list for the new project he’s been working on, “Unorthodox Jukebox” on Twitter this week. The artist is still soaking up the great support and laughs … Continue reading