Is Deion Sanders Preparing to Propose to Tracey Edmonds?

After “winning big” in his divorce settlement against ex-wife Pilar Sanders, thanks to his prenup agreement, Deion Sanders may be ready to walk down the aisle again. Rumors began to circulate after Deion took to Twitter to celebrate the court’s … Continue reading

NeNe & Greg: Real Housewives of Atlanta Weddings Underway

Someone is getting married on this season of Bravo’s hit reality television show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”! Rumors are circulating that it is infamous NeNe and her estranged husband, Gregg. Even though the two are publically separated, they have … Continue reading

A Deeper Look into the Final Presidential Debate

Monday night’s debate was the last debate for this campaign and most are saying President Obama won while others think Romney won & some say they both won. What does that really mean? “The key to analyzing the debate properly … Continue reading

Final Presidential Debate: Obama Rattles Romney

Last night was the final debate for the 2012 presidential race and both candidates went out with a bang! The debate focused on foreign policy and was moderated by CBS News Bob Schieffer in Boca Raton, Florida at Lynn University. … Continue reading

Candy Crowley: Good or Bad Debate Moderator?

One of the hot topics from Tuesday night’s debate is CNN’s Candy Crowley, but before we get into why she is a a hot topic, can we acknowledge that she was the first female moderator of a presidential general election … Continue reading

[VIDEO]: Presidential Debate Gets Fiery; Obama Shows More Aggression

The Democrats and those rooting for President Obama watched the debate last night hoping that President Obama would take a more aggressive approach with his opponent than he did 2 weeks ago. Oh, did he deliver.  In the town hall … Continue reading

Who Knew The Presidential Nominees’ Attire Played a Part in the Campaign?

Although last night’s debate had nothing to do with the nominee’s attire, each nominee’s campaign still takes their dress into consideration, even something as small as an American flag lapel pin according to “The littlest things can throw a … Continue reading

Only 1% Difference Between President Obama and Mitt Romney

A CNN Poll of Polls shows that after the first presidential debate, Republican nominee Mitt Romney is leading by 1%. Romney is at 48% by likely voters & President Barak Obama is at 47%. The seven surveys averaged in the … Continue reading

Affirmative Action is in the Spotlight Again

On Wednesday, The United States Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the use of race as a factor in admissions at the University of Texas.  It has been 6 years since The United States Supreme Court has heard such an important … Continue reading

Stacey Dash Catches Heat After Confessing Her Support for Mitt Romney

Stacey Dash has been catching major heat over the past few days after tweeting about her support for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The African American actress received numerous hateful and cruel tweets that seemed to stem from the lack of … Continue reading