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A Sticky Situation!

Source:  Google Images
Did you know that Duck Tape ® can be used to add some spark or character to old furniture or even used to make flip flops? With the new Duck Tape ®  prints and funky colors there are so many creative things you can make! Here is a little history behind Duck Tape ®–it was created in World War II because there was a need for a strong, flexible, durable, waterproof tape that could seal and repair broken items. 
Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make Duck Tape ® flip flops.  This is a fun and creative project that anybody can do!
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Source:  Google Images 

Step 1

Take a strip of duct tape that is a few inches longer than your foot, about 12 inches long for most people, and lay it horizontally with the sticky side up. Take another strip of about the same length and lay it half way down the first strip with the sticky sides touching. Fold the exposed sticky side of the first piece down over the second to form the top edge. Flip the pieces over, and add another strip covering the exposed sticky side of the second strip. Continue like this until the rectangle of duct tape is wider than your foot is wide. Fold the bottom of the last piece over to form the bottom edge, just as you did the top.

Step 2

Place your foot, or a flip-flop of yours, on the duct tape rectangle. Trace the outline with a marker. Create a second rectangle and repeat for the other foot/shoe. This will be the sole of your flip-flops. Cut out along the lines with an Exacto knife. Make sure to place on a cutting mat first!

Step 3

Cut a strip of duct tape 12 inches long and fold in half lengthwise to make a strap. Then cut the strip in half length wise to create 2, 12 inch long straps.

Step 4

Put your foot on the sole of your duct tape flip-flops and mark a dot between your big toe and second toe. This is where your strap will come from. Cut a slit horizontally along the dot that is 3/4 of an inch long.

Step 5

Slide the end of the straps down through the slit and secure on the bottom. Put your foot on the shoe, and pull one strap over your foot at an angle to the left, and one to the right. Tape them on the bottom.

Step 6

Take some craft foam and cut it out in the shape of the sole of your flip-flop. Put it on the bottom of your shoe, and cover it with duct tape. This step is optional, but it cushions your foot, and makes your shoes sturdier.

Here are some links and pictures to different things that can be created just with using Duck Tape ®.

Learn how to make pretty headbands.  Check out this instructional video:
Source:  Google Images
Look at how this simple black wooden desk has been accented with Duck Tape ®.  This could be great for way to decorate an office at home, a desk for your room, or even a dresser in your bedroom!
Source: Google Images
Click here to see step by step instructions on how to make a trendy wallet like this one below.
Let us know what you created!
By: Jazmine Kilpatrick

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