Paper Chaser: Book Review The Millionaire Next Door

Most people who want to be rich conjure up elaborate ways to make it in the music biz, as a professional athlete, or other ways that can eventually become farfetched or impractical. However, The Millionaire Next Door describes people that … Continue reading

.Budget Buster Saturday: Make a List and Check it Twice!

How many times have you gone to the supermarket to pick up milk and cereal and you leave with four full shopping bags? This is known as Budget Busters Syndrome, Don’t be a victim of Budget Buster Syndrome, as this … Continue reading

Limiting your Financial Loss after a Disaster

Hurricane Sandy is gone, but surely not forgotten. To many people in the Northeast, Sandy brought wind, rain, property damage, gas shortages, and just plain chaos. While it is too early to calculate Sandy’s exact cost, initial property damage estimates … Continue reading

Financially prepared for the Unexpected

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems The late and great Notorious B.I.G made a very true statement in his 1997 chart topping hit Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems. Money can be a major stress factor, especially when it comes to planning for your … Continue reading

One Step Ahead of the Game

In life there are always unexpected events that turn our world upside-down. What you don’t want is to be unprepared for an unexpected event. Everyone is encouraged to actively contribute to their emergency fund to brace for rainy days. But, … Continue reading

Budget Busters: Be Cool. Carpool!

Gas prices over the last few months have been crazy high, but we are now seeing a bit of relief this week with AAA stating that the national average price for gasoline has dropped 7 cents to $3.47 per gallon … Continue reading

Paper Chaser Wednesday: Mellody Hobson

In the Spotlight! Mellody Hobson President, Ariel Capital Management, Inc. Mellody Hobson, single African American woman with no kids, is an excellent example of beauty mixed with brains! Hobson currently holds the title of President of Ariel Capital Management, Inc.; … Continue reading

Stretch those Dollars: Ten Ways to Cut Your Costs During Job Loss

It is safe to say that no one wants to hear the words “We have to let you go” or “You’re fired,” especially in these tough economic times. However, if unfortunately you’ve lost your job, you want to take steps … Continue reading