.What A Mighty Good Man; Thankful For Him, Flaws and All

He forgets what you tell him; doesn’t clean up after himself; doesn’t call you enough or even worse calls you too much. One minute you hate him – then you love him. We’re talking about your man. We can all … Continue reading

Your Friend vs. Your Man; Caught In The Middle!

She helped you through your darkest moments; now he brightens your days. She calls you to talk about any and everything; and he calls just say he loves you. We’re talking about your bestfriend and your man, who are both … Continue reading

Workplace Romance: It Didn’t Work… But You Have To Work!

“It was so easy to fall for the sweet-talking, handsome coworker and not care what other people thought or said about it. But the hardest part was finding out that he was lying to me about seeing another coworker at … Continue reading

Can Your Love Transcend Time?

As we are constantly reminded, “time waits for no one!”. Time keeps moving, and along with it, people are continuously changing. With each of these phenomenon at play, it makes it difficult for the things that we expect to remain … Continue reading

There is No Comparison: Every Guy is Not the Same

Ok so you’ve had your share of disaster relationships. You loved your sweetheart but you guys couldn’t make it last. And here you are again; ready to move forward, and take the leap back into the dating scene. But, you … Continue reading

Rock Amazing Autumn Hair!

Hello Ladies, Autumn is the perfect time to deep condition and pay special attention to your tressess. Whether you are rocking relaxed, natural, or color treated hair this season, here are a few product pics to help you achieve Amazing … Continue reading

Beauty Notes (Beauty Reflections From The Editor)

Hello Beautiful Ladies- It feels so wonderful to reconnect. We have such an exciting week of beauty coming your way.  This week we are pleased to welcome two of our newest contributors to EGL Beauty William J. Edmonds and Christina … Continue reading

Always Too Much or Not Enough

Break ups leave us feeling like we are unable to be effective contributors and sustainers of relationships. Those of us who achieve in all other areas of our lives, feel like we have climbed mountains but failed to hurdle loves … Continue reading