Life’s a Breeze Beef Stew

Some call them crockpots, some call them slow cookers. Either way, this kitchen appliance is used on a regular basis in my home. They allow you to create nourishing meals for you and your family without the worry of timing … Continue reading

Warm Up with Turkey Chili

Nothing warms you up better on a chili fall night like a night big bowl of spicy Chili! Try this delicious and easy recipe using classic chili ingredients with an extra kick! SPICY TURKEY AND ITALIAN SAUSAGE CHILI INGREDIENTS 1 … Continue reading

Yummy Weekly Meals

Cooking fish is a quick, easy, and delicious midweek meal. With minimum effort and maximum results you and your family are guaranteed to be satisfied. Try this scrumptious recipe below…. Blackened Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce Ingredients 4 salmon fillets … Continue reading