.If That Didnt Hurt So Bad, This Wouldn’t Feel So Good!

How does that saying go? …You never know what you have until its gone! Well, sometimes you won’t appreciate what you have now, until you remember what you had! There are so many dogs, frogs, and snakes encountered on our … Continue reading

There’s a Thin Line Between Friendly and Intrusive, Respect Personal Space

Discernment (noun) – the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently Have you been on the train, bus, or in line at the grocery store when a complete stranger appears? Instead of the usual smile … Continue reading

Send Him on an Ego Trip! by Precious Avorkliyah

Men have ego’s that are so astronomical that they could occupy the Grand Canyon. This isn’t something that we don’t know. But a man’s ego doesn’t always have to be the catalyst for arguments or the underlying perpetuate of tension. … Continue reading

Text Me Back!

These days we use texting  as a primary form of communication because it’s fast, easy and definitely convenient. It has even become a major part of our dating experience. Yes, we’re all busy and these days, life just seems very hectic, … Continue reading