Dream In Color

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Sex Sells… But Is That What You’re Selling?

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Although the Economy is Depressed, You Don’t Have To Be!

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Denzel and Pauletta Washington: Longevity in Love

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Preserve Your Sexy!

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Shut Out The Negativity!

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Professional Goals Stuck in Mental Traffic? Switch Over to the Carpool Lane!

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Love Addicted or Pain Addicted?

We all have friends and family that seem to be in a carousel of reckless, dead-end relationships. Some of us are or have been trapped on a similar ride, feeling like there is no technician to let you off. As shown on TV Ones’s docu-series Love Addiction, these toxic situations are deep-seeded and can continuously tarnish our sense of self.  But I object to the notion that this choice of lifestyle is a “love addiction”; instead it presents more so as a “pain addiction”.
 Some individuals have been exposed to so many maladaptive chaotic situations that these situations become their comfort zone. It sounds ridiculous to suggest that chaos could be someones comfort zone, but why not when comfort is born out of familiarity? When we become accustomed to chaos, we are likely to recreate similar patterns with lovers, friends, and family members. This is PAIN ADDICTION.
 BUT, you can break a pain addiction by acknowledging it as such and taking seemingly extreme measures to become accustomed to a healthier lifestyle. For example, If you constantly engage in relationships with people who are very brash and pretty much emotionally abusive; thrust yourself into a relationship with someone who constantly affirms you. It will be uncomfortable, but it will force you to confront underlying issues, such as negative self-image. The problem isn’t that there aren’t better available mates, it is that you’ve avoided better mates. You can get off the ride whenever you are truly ready to do so!
By Precious Avorkliyah
What do you think….Are some women addicted to the love or to the pain?

Take Me As I Am Or Nothing At All

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Try the Half Full Approach

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