Sex Sells… But Is That What You’re Selling?

When they say sexy what does it mean to you? Is it the beautiful body? Is it the shapely curve of the butt and the big breasts? What if we don’t have that super beautiful body and bombastic breasts? Can … Continue reading

Even Though You Can…Let Him Handle It!

“I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. do you know what that means?” This is definitely the era in which women have made it clear that being independent is how we define ourselves. We pay our own bills, buy our own clothes and stress the notion … Continue reading

It’s okay for women to make the first move! Truth vs. Myth?

Back in the day the more sought after women were typically more reserved, and they were presented that way in classic movies. Leading women weren’t suppose to appear desperate for love at all. We were supposed to be waiting for … Continue reading

Rumor Mill: Shaquille O’neal Allegedly Motions Family and Friend Alliances To Threaten “Ex-Girlfriend”

Retired NBA star Shaquille O’neal is reported to allegedly having his sister, Ayesha Harrison call and threaten his “ex-girlfriend” Vanessa Lopez, by telling her to ‘watch her back’. I know you’re probably in shock right now, so lets back track … Continue reading

Your Friend vs. Your Man; Caught In The Middle!

She helped you through your darkest moments; now he brightens your days. She calls you to talk about any and everything; and he calls just say he loves you. We’re talking about your bestfriend and your man, who are both … Continue reading

If You Flash It, She Will Spend It!

We’ve all seen it… the men who post pictures of a fistful of money with the caption, “All in a day’s work”. The men who post tweetgrams, “I just dropped a stack in the Gucci Store, it’s nothing” or even the … Continue reading

Workplace Romance: It Didn’t Work… But You Have To Work!

“It was so easy to fall for the sweet-talking, handsome coworker and not care what other people thought or said about it. But the hardest part was finding out that he was lying to me about seeing another coworker at … Continue reading

There’s a Thin Line Between Friendly and Intrusive, Respect Personal Space

Discernment (noun) – the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently Have you been on the train, bus, or in line at the grocery store when a complete stranger appears? Instead of the usual smile … Continue reading