Your Friend vs. Your Man; Caught In The Middle!

She helped you through your darkest moments; now he brightens your days. She calls you to talk about any and everything; and he calls just say he loves you. We’re talking about your bestfriend and your man, who are both … Continue reading

No Jealousy No Problem! Truth vs. Myth?

Jealousy is known for starting arguments and fights, burning bridges, and ruining self-esteem. Many say that when it comes to relationships, is it best that jealousy be excluded. We think that the less jealous we are in our partnerships, the … Continue reading

Lovers or Friends? Pick One!

With age comes wisdom, at least it should. Due to impending wisdom, sometimes we are forced to make changes, including friendships with ex-lovers. It’s a hard pill to swallow when the person we’ve shared our lives with, emotionally as well … Continue reading

Get Those Tears Off Your Shoulders

Categories Have you ever been the sounding board for friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers? The person everyone dumps their problems on when in need, while yours fall by the way side? Has this caused you to feel neglected?  Well, it’s … Continue reading