Hot Mama Alert: Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her 60lb Weight Loss

Just more than six months after welcoming daughter Maxwell Drew into the world, Jessica Simpson has lost more than 60 pounds! The Weight Watchers Spokesperson doesn’t need to wear anything more revealing than a casual pair of boot-cut jeans and a hot … Continue reading

DIY Saturdays Green Tea & Cucumber Eye Packs

Hello Ladies- Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself….. “Wow! my skin looks great,  but my eyes look like they have been run over by a mack truck.”  Lots of late nights studying, on the job … Continue reading

Make Up Announcements From: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic and Inglot Cosmetics

Metallurgy/Holiday 2012 for OCC Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics holiday collection (Metallury 2012) of  lip tars hit store shelves yesterday and these electrifying, yet light-weight lip tars offer a high voltage electric finish without making the lips feel too heavy.  Available at select Sephora … Continue reading

Even Though You Can…Let Him Handle It!

“I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. do you know what that means?” This is definitely the era in which women have made it clear that being independent is how we define ourselves. We pay our own bills, buy our own clothes and stress the notion … Continue reading

Stay Clear of the Cold and Flu Season!

As we all know, or maybe already experiencing, the cold and flu season is here! If you happen to be currently ducking and dodging the coughing, fevers, headaches, and sneezing so far, more power to you. However, without proper protection, … Continue reading

Evelyn Lozada Lands New Endorsement Deal!

Seemingly putting the past behind her (despite a few rumors here and there), reality-star Evelyn Lozada has signed a “six-figure endorsement deal” with energy shot brand, youthH20. The energy shot is organic and caffeine free.  And reportedly, it enhances beauty, … Continue reading

Field Goal for The Skin: Surprise Your Man with an Impromptu Facial During Half Time

Field Goal For The Skin by beautifullyyours featuring Bliss face masks Is your man an avid football fan? Does he spend most Sundays with his eyes glued to the big screen watching ball games? Well score some extra points with … Continue reading

Honesty is Always the Best Policy! Truth or Myth?

As children we are encouraged to tell the truth. We are raised to believe that lying is bad and leads to undesirable consequences. The expectation to tell the truth follows us into adulthood, and for the rest of our lives … Continue reading

Limelight on Lashes/Lash 101

Aren’t eyes one of the most attractive features to a persons appearance? If so, shouldn’t they be properly cared for and sometimes groomed? Seen on some of the hottest celebs, models and in magazines, lashes have become a girls next best … Continue reading

Lady Gaga To Launch Flavored Water In 2013

Many artists are starting to see that it takes more than just your art to make your mark in history; you have to also think outside the box! Fashion and music icon Lady Gaga has decided to do just that! The platinum selling singer has ventured into the land of water … Continue reading